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Welcome to CitizenLink!

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to CitizenLink. As a Christ-centered organization, our vision is a nation where God is honored, religious freedom flourishes, families thrive and life is cherished.

Our mission is to advance biblical citizenship, equip statesmen, promote policy and serve an effective alliance, all committed to a common vision. We do this in several strategic ways:

  • Alliance Building: We work to strengthen and expand our alliance of nearly 40—someday, 50—state-based organizations. We provide them with the training, funding and strategic coordination to engage in elections, advance pro-family legislation, mobilize churches on critical issues and be a voice for biblical citizens within their states. You can find one in your state here.
  • Grassroots Impact: We engage directly in key races to identify and mobilize voters who are aligned with us on the issues but, for some reason, are unlikely to vote. When we communicate with them, we are seeing significantly increased voter turnout for social conservative candidates who support our values.
  • Statesmen Academy: In summer 2016, we will launch our Statesmen Academy to train and disciple future statesmen and women who are called to serve in the mission field of American politics. We will equip them with foundational Christian worldview training, essential skills for being effective in office, and, most importantly, maintaining their principles—despite the enormous pressure they will face.
  • Citizens’ Voice: Finally, we advance biblical citizenship through education and tools to help pro-family Americans like you to raise their voices in support of legislation that protects their families. We help people of faith understand the issues and engage their spheres of influence with Truth! This grassroots activism is the core ingredient to cultural change. You can sign up for our free emails here—for pro-family commentary on the issues you face every day, videos and ways to take action to protect your family and your values.

I hope you’ll join with us here at CitizenLink today—with your prayers, participation and financial support. May our God continue to bless you and your family!

Standing for the family of believers,





Paul Weber
President & CEO


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