Every year, new controversies erupt over controversial reading assignments in classrooms and parental concerns over school library selections. Why are these controversies increasing—and what’s beneath the surface of this trend? What do parents do when their child is assigned a sexually graphic or vulgar book?  How can families of faith respond when a school mandates reading material about homosexuality or abortion that communicates only one viewpoint? How can parents respond when books promoting gay marriage are introduced in their kindergartner’s elementary school? What’s the real story behind “Banned Books Week”—and how can your family respond? All of these topics and more are addressed in this section.

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Six Tips For Donating Books To Your Public Libraries

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The ‘Sweet Warrior’

DiAnna Brannan doesn’t take a salary. But she is one of the most effective pro-family lobbyists in Washington state.

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California Dreamin’

The California Legislature has left truth and reality. It’s as if Fantasyland moved from Disneyland up to Sacramento, as legislators attempt to remake the world according to their own imagination. Although there are many examples I could point to, let me just give you three. Let’s pretend gender doesn’t matter. Here’s what AB 1266 says: […]

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