Ed & Rel. Freedom


Recent headlines involving students, parents and teachers battling for their First Amendment rights and religious liberties in schools have been gripping and dramatic. Just to mention a few of late—there are the court battles over graduation prayers, the courageous students who’ve dared to say the name of Jesus or The Lord’s Prayer despite efforts to intimidate them into silence, attempts to eradicate the Pledge and the phrase “Under God” from classrooms, Christian student clubs fighting for equal access, a student expelled after espousing a traditional view of sexuality—and the list goes on and on. What are the greater implications of these religious liberty battles for our nation and its education system? What is ultimately stake? And what can we do about it? This section provides some answers to these important questions.

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Learn More About Focus' Free Speech Event for Students-Day of Dialogue

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The ‘Sweet Warrior’

DiAnna Brannan doesn’t take a salary. But she is one of the most effective pro-family lobbyists in Washington state.

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All the Single Ladies

If you watched Beyoncé perform at the Super Bowl a couple of weeks ago, whatever else you thought, she got one thing right: young ladies should hold out for a wedding ring. Not to do so is to invite all kinds of problems, as we know that young, unmarried women who engage in sexual activity are at risk for a number of potential risks, ranging from the physical to the emotional, the psychological to the relational, and the social to the spiritual.

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