School Choice

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School choice is one of the most cutting-edge, innovative reform movements impacting our nation’s education systems and public policy centers at this moment. The idea at the heart of school choice is to empower parents to choose the best educational option for their child—regardless of income or zip code. By enabling families to choose from a variety of options, school choice empowers parents as the consumer—making schools accountable to them, rather than being accountable to politicians, bureaucrats and union leaders. In short, school choice revamps the education system in a way that puts the focus where it should—on the real needs of children, rather than the political interests of adults. There are many different forms of school choice, including scholarship and tax credit programs, charter schools, home schooling, online education, and more.

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The Next Civil Rights Battle

Virginia Ford still remembers the fear that gripped her when, as a 14-year-old, she watched the flames shoot from a cross in her front yard.

The year was 1964, and her father had just landed a job as one of the first black assistant superintendents in a major public school system in the area.

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The ‘Sweet Warrior’

DiAnna Brannan doesn’t take a salary. But she is one of the most effective pro-family lobbyists in Washington state.

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All the Single Ladies

If you watched Beyoncé perform at the Super Bowl a couple of weeks ago, whatever else you thought, she got one thing right: young ladies should hold out for a wedding ring. Not to do so is to invite all kinds of problems, as we know that young, unmarried women who engage in sexual activity are at risk for a number of potential risks, ranging from the physical to the emotional, the psychological to the relational, and the social to the spiritual.

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