Environment Analysis

Climate change, population control and global warming are hot topics in the media and our culture today. But is there a need to be alarmed? Is the earth heading for a crisis and are humans to blame for it? Finding the truth requires getting to the heart of the science, debunking the myths, and developing a biblical worldview. The articles and resources at CitizenLink will help you cut through the fog and be informed on these crucial issues.

Pick of the Week

Resisting the Green Dragon: How Christians Can Respond to Global Warming

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Recent News

Scientists: NASA Should Stop Lobbying on Global Warming

Fifty former astronauts, engineers, others say NASA is on wrong side of science.

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Featured Blog

Time for Twenty-Somethings to Talk

It’s been one year since we launched our Millennial outreach on social policy, Rising Voice.  Each month we’ve covered a different topic – from orphan care and adoption, the environment, sex trafficking, and marriage.  After the initial survey we did (asking Millennials what social issues were important to them), Rising Voice has hit the ground […]

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