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The issues surrounding the sanctity of human life are as many and varied as any issue facing the Christian today.  Another term to describe these issues is “bioethics.”  This term was coined more than 30 years ago to describe the process of examining the ethics involved with emerging medical technologies and biological research.

Bioethics is interdisciplinary, bringing together medicine, law, philosophy and public policy and it covers a wide range of topics, including abortion, assisted reproductive technologies, genetic intervention, stem cell research, physician-assisted suicide and end-of-life medical decisions.

Practically speaking, bioethics often touches us where we hurt the most: in illness, fertility, unexpected medical challenges and death.  For Christians, bioethics also includes a search to know what the Bible says about these issues and how God would have us respond.

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The Identity Crisis of Donor-Conceived Children

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Pro-Lifers Stop Pro-Abortion Bill in Colorado

Thanks to the efforts of pro-life citizens, a dangerous pro-abortion bill was killed in the Colorado Legislature. SB 175 would have enshrined abortion into state law making it impossible to pass commonsense pro-life measures. Passage would have also threatened existing state law that protects women and preborn babies.

“It would have left it open for absolutely no regulation” said Carrie Gordon Earll, senior director of issue analysis at Focus on the Family. “We’re talking late-term abortions, informed consent and regulation of the abortion industry. This would have shut down any policy debate and prevented the passage of any pro-life legislation in the state.”

Leaders of the Democrat-controlled Legislature claimed they had enough votes to pass the bill, but a flood of emails and calls from constituents and a prayer rally by approximately 1,000 people on the Capitol steps proved to be effective. Leadership dropped the bill without a vote.

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What do you think of Assisted Reproductive Technologies?

As in vitro fertilization continues to grow in popularity among those who struggle with infertility, questions continue to be asked about the moral and medical aspects of assisted reproductive technology.  For Christians who believe in the sanctity of all human life, the sanctity of marriage, and the value of children, some of these moral questions are [...]

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