The world of technological developments continues to grow at lightening speed – from smart phones to iPods and iPads – the latest gadgets are always at our fingertips.

But when these technologies intersect with human life – in other words, biotechnologies – we need to look carefully at the moral and ethical implications.

The following section covers genetic technologies, genetic testing and therapies, chimeras, egg donation, and other technologies that intersect with human life.

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The Value of Life: Prenatal Surgery

In the hot pursuit of technological advancement we have often left behind morality, ethics, and the sanctity of life. Prenatal surgery stands as a shining example of how we can use advancements in medicine to affirm the dignity of all human life. read more

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U.S. Supreme Court May Decide Pro-Life Censorship Case

‘State governments have a right to advance messages consistent with their public policies.’

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Featured Blog

Husband: Ebola Nurse Doing Well

David and Nancy Writebol are missionaries to Liberia with Sudan Interior Mission (SIM), where Nancy works as a nurse. She recently contracted Ebola along with Dr. Kent Brantly, a doctor serving there. Both are back in the U.S. receiving treatment. Nancy’s husband, David, is still in Liberia and spoke recently with representatives of SIM.

SIM: What have you been thinking and feeling throughout this ordeal?

DW: It’s surprising the peace and comfort of God through all this. It’s a singular experience to look upon a loved one, especially one that we’ve spent 40 years together – you know we were junior high sweethearts – to see her on the brink of death and knowing there was nothing I could do to prevent that. God provided peace and God continues to provide peace and there have been so many instances of His providence in ways that we’ll spend a long time cataloging and looking at. I’m grateful and happy that she is in a place that enables her to receive the best care possible and that will give her every opportunity to get better and to recover.

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