Perhaps some of the toughest decisions we make in life – for ourselves and loved ones – come at the end of life.  Death and mortality await every human and facing the inevitable can bring about special moral challenges.

Is physician-assisted suicide ever justified?  How can you make medical decisions for a loved one that honors their wishes yet also honors the sanctity of human life?

The following section offers resources on a number of topics and recent events including physician-assisted suicide and end-of-life decision making.

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Hospice Care

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U.S. Supreme Court May Decide Pro-Life Censorship Case

‘State governments have a right to advance messages consistent with their public policies.’

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Husband: Ebola Nurse Doing Well

David and Nancy Writebol are missionaries to Liberia with Sudan Interior Mission (SIM), where Nancy works as a nurse. She recently contracted Ebola along with Dr. Kent Brantly, a doctor serving there. Both are back in the U.S. receiving treatment. Nancy’s husband, David, is still in Liberia and spoke recently with representatives of SIM.

SIM: What have you been thinking and feeling throughout this ordeal?

DW: It’s surprising the peace and comfort of God through all this. It’s a singular experience to look upon a loved one, especially one that we’ve spent 40 years together – you know we were junior high sweethearts – to see her on the brink of death and knowing there was nothing I could do to prevent that. God provided peace and God continues to provide peace and there have been so many instances of His providence in ways that we’ll spend a long time cataloging and looking at. I’m grateful and happy that she is in a place that enables her to receive the best care possible and that will give her every opportunity to get better and to recover.

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