Marriage Analysis

One woman. One man. For as long as they both shall live.  Marriage is often called a human institution because it is the foundation for families around the world.  For thousands of years people have used marriage to give every child the care of both the man and woman who together made him–his mother and father.

As a Christian organization dedicated to supporting the family, CitizenLink celebrates the fact that the social sciences affirm biblical marriage. The Bible says that we are created male and female in the image of God, and that marriage brings together a woman and a man in lifelong union for the good of the children born to them. Social science research for at least 30 years finds that children thrive in a home with their married mother and father.

Because marriage is the building block for a thriving family, community and nation, CitizenLink supports policies that would strengthen marriage as the best family structure for children, and protect it’s one-man, one-woman definition.  This includes bills that would reform no-fault divorce laws, legislation that prioritizes a married mother and father for children in need of foster and adoption care, and constitutional amendments that define marriage as the union of a man and a woman only.

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Recognizes Uniqueness of Marriage

State high court says same-sex domestic partnerships not like marriage.

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These conflicts are not accidents; they are targets.

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