Protecting Marriage


Constitutionally protecting the one-man, one-woman definition of marriage is central to CitizenLink’s mission to advocate for families in public policy.

From Focus on the Family’s founding in 1977, Dr. James Dobson desired to help more children grow up with a married mother and father. Even then, he could see that policies like the “no-fault” divorce laws were not strengthening families, but weakening them, and leaving children to make sense of their world that had crumbled in two.

The current push to redefine marriage away from its one-man, one-woman definition would completely change the focus of marriage.  Instead of a legal recognition of the biological or adoptive connection of a child to his mother and father, the redefinition of marriage would focus on affirming adult emotional relationships.

Marriage has always been about bringing together the two halves of humanity – male and female – into a united oneness that is capable of bringing forth new life. The drive to redefine marriage is fueled by an ideology that says the two sexes are not unique but interchangeable. Redefining marriage capitulates to this ideology.

The social benefits of marriage for children, women, men, communities, taxpayers and businesses are measureable and conclusive.  Marriage is protective and productive, and its one-man, one-woman definition is well worth protecting.

Below you will find some articles about marriage. If you’d like to see a full listing of articles on protecting marriage, please check out our quick guide.

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