Sex, gender and the human body are good by design and have God-given spiritual meaning at their core.  We believe our sexuality is meant to uniquely reflect God’s other-centered, self-giving and relational nature.

When considering sexual issues in culture and in our lives as individuals, we are guided by our understanding of God’s original (pre-Fall) design. While fallen men and women cannot perfectly live out the Creator’s original intent this side of Heaven, we can uphold and target what we were created for “from the beginning” as Christ Himself called us to (Matt 19:8).

Accordingly, we are careful to not normalize what may be common experience among fallen people, be it pornography use, sex outside marriage, same-sex attraction or any form of lust. We strive to show genuine concern for those with these experiences in the same way that all of us have been offered the grace and concern of Christ.

Abstinence Education

God’s Design for Sexuality

Homosexuality and Gender Issues

Pornography and Obscenity


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