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A responsible sex education program necessarily involves two elements: factual information and moral guidelines. While it’s essential to focus on basic anatomy and the physical aspects of human sexuality, that’s only half of the issue. It’s been said that sexual sophistication without sexual responsibility leads to disaster, a fact substantiated by the number of unwanted—often terminated—pregnancies in our nation each year. As parents strive to integrate and teach these factors in the home, it helps to encourage questions, communication, and reflection while exemplifying their own value system.

If you would like to see a list of available articles on healthy sexuality and abstinence education, visit the Quick Guide on Healthy Sexuality – Abstinence Education.

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Teen Sexual Behavior Quick Facts

The term committed relationships carries a different meaning for teens than for adults. Adults tend to think of committed relationships within a definition of marriage (i.e. long-term), but for many high school teens, a romantic relationship lasts about six weeks (i.e. short-term). When we look at different age groups we need to be aware of differences in the meaning of the phrase. read more

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FRIDAY FIVE: Where Grace Abounds Ministry

Mary Heathman came to Christ at the age of 27. She had dealt with sexual sin for years and through faith in Christ came to understand God’s plan for her as a woman. Ten years later, when her stepson came to her and told her he was gay, she turned to the Lord for guidance. She started Where Grace Abounds, a ministry to help those struggling with same-sex attractions and their families. Where Grace Abounds now has 6 staff members and reaches hundreds of people in Denver. Some of the staff sat down to talk with CitizenLink.

CL: We asked Roger Jones, the executive director, and Scott Kingry, the program director, what led them to the ministry?

Roger: In 1995, I came to Where Grace Abounds just as a participant. I was raised in a Christian home, realized that I had been struggling for a long time with same-sex attractions, and I didn’t know what to do with that. So, in the process of trying to figure that out, I found out about Where Grace Abounds and actually moved to Denver from Texas to participate in the program. I didn’t expect to find what felt like home there among people who understood what I was going through and could relate. It was a safe place to just talk and be myself and wrestle with my sexuality and my faith and how those interact together.

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‘Talking 2 Teens’ About Sex

A new website, “Talking 2 Teens,” discusses how important parents’ influence is on their children’s behavior, particularly regarding sex. The Utah County Health Department developed and launched this commendable site. I would highly recommend that parents utilize this site when approaching the issue of sexuality with their kids. After reviewing all the tabs and hyperlinks [...]

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