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Abstinence Education Analysis

A responsible sex education program necessarily involves two elements: factual information and moral guidelines. While it’s essential to focus on basic anatomy and the physical aspects of human sexuality, that’s only half of the issue. It’s been said that sexual sophistication without sexual responsibility leads to disaster, a fact substantiated by the number of unwanted—often terminated—pregnancies in our nation each year. As parents strive to integrate and teach these factors in the home, it helps to encourage questions, communication, and reflection while exemplifying their own value system.

If you would like to see a list of available articles on healthy sexuality and abstinence education, visit the Quick Guide on Healthy Sexuality – Abstinence Education.

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HIV Diagnoses Increase Among Males 13 to 24

‘Young people have not been given a true vision to aspire towards relationally or sexually.’

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‘Talking 2 Teens’ About Sex

A new website, “Talking 2 Teens,” discusses how important parents’ influence is on their children’s behavior, particularly regarding sex. The Utah County Health Department developed and launched this commendable site. I would highly recommend that parents utilize this site when approaching the issue of sexuality with their kids. After reviewing all the tabs and hyperlinks […]

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