Social Justice

Social Justice

Understanding the social issues behind the headlines and helping end injustice is no small job. There are no easy solutions, and sometimes it can be pretty overwhelming to know what to, who to trust, or where to start. That’s where CitizenLink and Rising Voice come in.

Read Tom Minnery’s commentary, “Staying focused: Why we don’t address all the issues.”

Pick of the Week

Dealing With Modern-Day Slavery

Human trafficking is a growing problem in Sudan.

Kimberly Smith, president and founder of Make Way Partners, is involved first-hand in fighting modern-day slavery. read more

Recent News

California Professor Faces Conviction for Attack Against Pro-Lifers

Attorney: We are happy to see that this professor being held accountable for her actions.

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FCC Proposes “Loosening” Indecency Regulations

The Parents Television Council (PTC), a media-watchdog group, opposes the Federal Communications Commission’s proposal to loosen its policy against radio and T.V. indecency (obscene speech and nudity). The PTC is making its opposition known to the FCC during a public comment period, which end June 19, 2013. They encourage parents to send comments to the […]

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