President Barack Obama

The White House announced that President Barack Obama would sign an executive order giving LGBT workers special protections against discrimination. Even though no one has yet read the document, it appears it would expand on an order signed almost 50 years ago by President Lyndon Johnson. That directive prohibits discrimination on the part of federal contractors on the basis of race, sex, color, religion or national origin.  Read more

The Democrat Party has had a change of heart on the subject of same-sex marriage. Now it’s using recent court rulings overturning state marriage amendments to fill its coffers for the upcoming election. In an email sent to people on the DNC mailing list, the DNC says no matter what states want, they want to redefine marriage in every state in America.  Read more


Pro-lifers have witnessed the closure of dozens of abortion sellers in recent years. This week even more announcements were made in Iowa, Texas, Washington and Oregon.  Read more

The sexual revolution of the ‘50s and ‘60s has given way to an activist movement today that works to create new “civil rights” defined by one’s “sexual orientation.” But what does God say on the issue?  Read more

CitizenLink is proud to work with the Florida Family Policy Council and other family policy organizations across the country to stand for marriage, life and religious freedom. Learn more about the one in your state.  Read more

Written by the Family Foundation of Kentucky, an organization with which CitizenLink is proudly associated.   Read more

Pastor Louis Giglio, well known for his leadership in fighting human trafficking and for founding the Passion worship conferences, was invited last month to give a prayer at President Obama’s second inauguration. Then a liberal blog unearthed a sermon he’d given in the 1990’s where he described same-sex sexual behavior as a sin and talked about people coming out of homosexuality. After a huge outcry was raised by lesbian-, gay-, bisexual- and transgender- identified (LGBT) activists and their allies, Pastor Giglio withdrew from the event.   Read more

The Stoplight® video “A Walk for the President” — written and produced by CitizenLink Senior Director of Media Stuart Shepard — has collected nearly 2 million views since its summer debut.   Read more

Abortion Statistics

December 21, 2012

How many abortions have occurred in the U.S. since legalization in 1973? What are some characteristics of women who have abortions? (more…)

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