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Abortion Statistics

December 21, 2012

How many abortions have occurred in the U.S. since legalization in 1973? What are some characteristics of women who have abortions? (more…)

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Focus on the Family and CitizenLink are committed to holding to biblical truth about male and female distinctions, while at the same time reaching out with compassion and respect to individuals, families and churches affected by transgenderism. With that in mind, the following resources may be helpful as a starting point for those looking for hope and healing for gender identity issues.    Read more

As a rule, only very learned and clever men deny what is obviously true; common men have less brains, but more sense. Walter T. Stace  Read more

Risks Associated with Oral Sex

September 13, 2012

[Warning: May not be appropriate for young children – addresses mature, sexual content and risks.]  Read more

In states across the country, citizens have repeatedly voted in favor of one-man, one-woman marriage.  In fact, to date each time the question has gone to the ballot box, voters have affirmed this long-standing definition of marriage.  Read more

The Advocate had a question recently, “What do you do when your kid has two moms – and no dad – and the teacher decides everyone will be making Father’s Day cards?” Here’s part of how “Mr. Manners” answered the question:  Read more

Let’s have a candid and honest conversation for a moment. Why is our media and culture framing virginity before marriage as abnormal, while extolling sexual deviance as “normal”?  Read more

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