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As the nation’s abortion rate declines, its largest purveyor increasingly finds itself in the center of allegations of fraud and abuse.  Read more

Reaching In

April 1, 2014

Prison seminaries are starting to transform the correctional system from the inside out.  Read more

Tom Minnery
Awhile ago I had dinner with one of the country’s leading political pollsters. For some time, I had been wanting to ask him a specific question: How he had come to predict wrongly the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.   Read more

Staying the Course

March 3, 2014

Tom MinneryRather suddenly, it seems, we have swung into an immense cycle of social change in our country. The higher courts are intent on eroding the foundation of marriage and few are the political leaders willing to speak into the maelstrom.  Read more

In Colorado, supporters of school choice and education reforms have scored a series of wins—despite opponents like Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates.  Read more

Unanimous Consent

February 4, 2014

Gov-Scott-John-Stemberger  Read more

Giving Shelter

January 19, 2014

Kathy DiFiore has made her life’s work ministering to pregnant teens with nowhere else to turn. Now Hollywood is telling the story in one of the most pro-life movies in its history.  Read more

Back From the Brink

January 1, 2014

Davi SchweikertU.S. Rep. David Schweikert of Arizona was adopted. He found out several years ago that his birth mother had nearly aborted him.  Read more

Tom MinneryToday he would be called a moderate, even a “RINO.” On the great social issue of his day he exasperated true believ-ers with his half-steps and fuzzy positions. Many times people didn’t know at all where he stood. His name was Abraham Lincoln.  Read more

Upside Down

November 29, 2013

MakennaMakenna Acker, 7, of Palm Desert, Calif., is one of about 400,000 Americans with Down syndrome-a number that is now dropping.  Read more

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