Play10Many people are saying that the Supreme Court decision on marriage will mean “nothing” for religious freedom. Stuart Shepard shares the real meaning of “nothing.”  Read more

Katie Lang EmailA county clerk in Texas has announced she will not be issuing same-sex marriage licenses because of her religious convictions. Hood County Clerk Katie Lang issued a statement that said others in her office will be assisting same-sex couples, but the “religious doctrines” to which she adheres “compel me to personally refrain” from doing so.  Read more

Play10States have passed more than 50 pro-life laws this year and close to 300 since 2010.  Read more

Play10There are many suggestions on how we should respond to the redefinition of marriage.  Read more

Slowly, Slowly, Slowly

June 30, 2015

Tom Minnery Sketch EmailThis September, Tom Minnery will step back from his position as CitizenLink president. To honor his nearly 30 years in the public policy arena at Focus on the Family and CitizenLink, we decided to run a ‘Best of Tom’ article series. This piece was published in Citizen magazine in May 1992.  Read more

Play10Many are comparing the recent Supreme Court decision redefining marriage to Roe v. Wade.  Read more

Play10The five justices who redefined marriage for the nation made an attempt to give the appearance that they support religious freedom.  Read more

Stuart EmailI’ve been hearing many people compare today’s Supreme Court decision redefining marriage to the landmark 1973 ruling that forced abortion on all 50 states.  Read more

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