Play10Should Christians just stay quiet about cultural issues? Paul Weber, vice president of strategy at CitizenLink, says it’s never ok to give up.  Read more

Play10Louisiana’s governor issues an executive order that protects individuals and business owners who do not want to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies.  Read more

Play10Obamacare ran right over the rights of Christian business owners. Meet Anthony Hahn, president of Conestoga Wood Specialties. His pro-life convictions led his family to challenge the administration’s bad idea.  Read more

Religious Freedom EmailWhen the government talks trade agreements with foreign governments, it may soon have to consider the religious freedom record of that country. That’s thanks to the passage of a religious freedom amendment attached to the Trade Promotion Authority bill. Senators passed the bill 92-0 this week.  Read more

As the Supreme Court prepares to rule on marriage, the adult children of gay couples are speaking out about their experience.  Read more

Play10 Louisiana is considering a religious freedom bill. Gene Mills of the Louisiana Family Forum describes the Marriage and Conscience Act.  Read more

Ghost Town | Radio

May 15, 2015

It used to be a busy little community, but ultimately the families sold out and moved on. Let Stuart Shepard take you along on a field trip to Keota, Colorado.  Read more

The U.S House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to protect the lives of pre-born babies. Although President Obama has vowed to veto the legislation, it shows what can happen when Congress has a pro-life majority.  Read more

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