Kelvin Cochran Web

The mayor of Atlanta fired Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran. At issue, a little paperback book that Cochran self-published that offers his insights on living a Christian life.  Read more

Pornography and Obscenity

A Pennsylvania Catholic group called The King’s Men will be able to continue sidewalk counseling outside a sexually oriented business in Philadelphia. Adult World had sued to remove group members, but dropped its lawsuit today.  Read more

Tutka Web

A substitute teacher hands a Bible to an inquisitive middle school student and ends up out of a job. Even though the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has ruled the school was wrong to punish Walt Tutka, the Phillipsburg School District in New Jersey says it will pursue legal action – all on the taxpayer’s dime.  Read more

No Marriage Web

A federal judge has declared South Dakota’s marriage amendment unconstitutional. The measure was passed in 2006 by 52 percent of voters. The state attorney general plans to appeal the ruling.  Read more

Glendale City Hall

Signs of Freedom

January 8, 2015

A small church is about to take its case to the biggest court in America.  Read more

John Stemberger Web

You’ve probably heard that Florida is issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. What you’ve likely not heard is that it’s being done outside the rule of law. The court decision being cited as a basis for the change only awarded a marriage license to one couple. One.  Read more

Baby Feet Web

Tuesday afternoon two Republican House members introduced a bill that could save up to 18,000 babies each year. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would stop abortions after 20 weeks, based on scientific evidence that shows preborn babies can feel pain at that time.  Read more

Year End Web2

The 2014 mid-term elections were a big win for family values — and you played an important part! Thanks to your partnership with CitizenLink, we were able to make thousands of phone calls, get important information into the hands of voters before they went to the polls and encourage like-minded people to make a difference. And they did!  Read more

Eric Buehrer Web

Each year on January 16th, the president issues a proclamation, declaring it Religious Freedom Day. It started in 1993 with George H.W. Bush when Congress asked him to recognize a day celebrating one of our most basic rights.  Read more

John Stemberger Web

A Florida family policy group has filed suit to stop the mayor of Orlando and the county clerk from issuing same-sex marriage licenses.  Read more

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