Play10In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court has determined that same-sex marriage is now a right and must be recognized by all 50 states.  Read more

Play10Stuart Shepard offers a poignant reflection on something that’s written on our hearts. Something that we all know to be true.   Read more

Pres-Obama-healthcare-04-15-14-templateWith a 6-3 decision, today, the U.S. Supreme Court once again saved Obamacare from language that’s actually in the law.  Read more

Kids Do Best EmailWhat’s really at risk if the Supreme Court redefines a millennia-old institution?  Read more

Tom Minnery Sketch EmailThis September, Tom Minnery will step back from his position as CitizenLink president. To honor his nearly 30 years in the public policy arena at Focus on the Family and CitizenLink, we decided to run a ‘Best of Tom’ article series. This piece was published in Citizen magazine in August 1991.  Read more

Play10We all know marriage is beneficial for children. And a lasting commitment between a husband and wife also benefits society. But why is the state also interested in the institution of marriage?  Read more

Play10They are called “telemed” abortions (when an abortionist talks to a woman on the internet and prescribes abortion inducing drugs), and they are now legal in Iowa.  Read more

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