Play10The money is beginning to go away. Arkansas. Alabama. Louisiana. New Hampshire. Utah. All have said “enough” to Planned Parenthood. More than a dozen other states are opening investigations.  Read more

Play10Three Kentucky County Clerks say they will not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  Read more

Play10Stuart Shepard runs into some trouble when he applies for a job as a county clerk in Kentucky.  Read more

Junkyard Parts | Radio

August 13, 2015

Play10Have you ever walked through a junkyard? You know, rows of old rusty cars sitting around waiting for someone to buy a radiator or a bumper?  Read more

Play10CitizenLink has been asked a lot about last week’s debate. We were interested in the candidates’ responses on life, marriage and religious freedom.  Read more

Play10Those big yellow school buses are beginning to show up on the roads. Students are wondering about their new teachers.  Read more

Play10The president has condemned the trade of human organs in Africa. So why hasn’t he spoken out against the Planned Parenthood videos here at home?  Read more

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