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The Obama administration announced this week that it would no longer seek appeals in cases involving the HHS mandate in the Affordable Care Act and family businesses who object on religious grounds. The mandate had required businesses to provide possible abortion causing drugs in employee health plans.  Read more

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CitizenLink is proud to work with the Massachusetts Family Institute and other family policy organizations across the country to stand for marriage, life and religious freedom. Learn more about the one in your stateRead more

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CitizenLink, along with our network of associated family policy councils is working to bring a clear knowledge of the candidates in 8 states as the November mid-term election draws near.  Read more

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Do the public school students in your life know what their rights are? In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard and some friends share a helpful list of some rights that Christian young people can enjoy.  Read more

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In January, Trail Life USA was launched as a biblically based scouting alternative to the Boy Scouts. After the Boys Scouts of America voted to allow openly gay members, a group of men, led by John Stemberger, came up with Trail Life USA. John is the president of the Florida Family Policy Council, which is associated with CitizenLink.  Read more

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Getting news today can sometimes seem like a surreal experience. With an obvious liberal bias in the mainstream media, conservatives have felt attacked at worst, left out at best.  Read more


In the Stoplight® video “76 Seconds for Liberty,” Stuart Shepard introduces us to Noah, a young election volunteer who just completed his first phone survey with a Michigan voter.  The seed of civic engagement has just sprouted in the heart of this young man, and he’s given us a reason to rediscover hope.  Read more

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The U.S Supreme Court rejected the activism of a federal appeals court and stopped same-sex marriage licenses from being issued in Virginia while the court challenge continues.  Read more


Imagine you own a farm. You decide to turn it into a family friendly business. You invite people to bring their kids to pick blueberries, hunt for pumpkins or walk through a corn maze. That’s Liberty Ridge Farm in Schaghticoke, New York.  Read more

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In a landmark decision, a federal district court on Wednesday said a Christian college in Louisiana is exempt from complying with the HHS mandate. It requires most businesses and nonprofits to offer potential abortion-inducing drugs in employee health plans.  Read more

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