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Common Core Top Story

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signed legislation Tuesday that starts the process of  replacing Common Core Standards with a more localized approach.  Read more

Rockdale County

A Georgia County has revised a zoning policy that forced a church congregation to temporarily hold its services in the basement of a jewelry store. As part of the settlement, the county has agreed to pay several thousand dollars to the church in damages and attorneys’ fees.  Read more


President Obama signed an executive order today that will force Christian universities and organizations to hire people who disagree with God’s timeless design for marriage and relationships. The president ignored the request of faith leaders across the country who urged him to include a strong religious exemption.  Read more


A federal judge said today that the Oklahoma constitutional marriage amendment is unconstitutional. Today’s 2-1 decision affirms a lower court ruling.  Read more


A bill that would have overridden the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case failed to move forward. It would have forced all employee health plans to include possible abortion-inducing drugs — even if doing so violates business owners’ deeply held religious beliefs.  Read more

Andrew Beckwith

With the news of one small Christian college’s quest for religious freedom, media outlets have painted a false picture of the faith community. The truth is: Gordon College just wants to run the school based on biblical values.  Read more

Michael Lindsay 2

Taking a stand for God’s timeless design for marriage and relationships is no easy feat in today’s contentious political climate. But for the president of a small Christian college in Massachusetts, it’s what needed to be done as an institution “grounded in our commitment to Christ.”  Read more


Imagine running a small Christian college when suddenly funding is threatened, accreditation is being reviewed and the local mayor won’t let you borrow a building for school events — all because of an executive order promised by President Obama.  Read more

University of Michigan Top Story

The University of Michigan revised a funding policy that attorneys say discriminated against a conservative student group. As part of the settlement, the school also agreed to pay damages and attorneys’ fees.  Read more


Even though same-sex marriage has not been legalized in Colorado, a judge said today that a Boulder county clerk may continue issuing such licenses. This follows a separate court decision Wednesday moving forward a ban on the state constitutional marriage amendment.  Read more

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