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Prayer for Officials Web

Praying for our leaders is something we know we should do, but it’s not always easy – especially when we’re on opposite sides of the issues. CitizenLink President Tom Minnery illustrates why it’s important to pray for God to work through our leaders.  Read more

Marjorie Dannenfelser Web

A federal district court judge has ruled that a pro-life group’s First Amendment rights were violated in 2010 when they were barred from putting up billboards in Ohio.  Read more

Pensive Web

A New Jersey law passed in 2013 that bans therapy for minors struggling with same-sex attractions was upheld today in the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.  Read more

Four Corners Web

Stoplight: ‘Monuments Rule’

September 11, 2014

Have you ever visited the Four Corners Monument? You know, the only place in the country where four states come together? It’s a popular tourist spot. Everybody wants to get a photo while standing in four states at the same time.  Read more

Julius Web

We’re working on a massive project to identify, contact and motivate pro-family voters. In the CitizenLink Report, Stuart Shepard shares the inspiring story of one person who is helping with that effort.  Read more

No Marriage Web

Late Thursday, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down marriage law in Wisconsin and Indiana.  Read more

Baby Feet Web

The Obama administration announced this week that it would no longer seek appeals in cases involving the HHS mandate in the Affordable Care Act and family businesses who object on religious grounds. The mandate had required businesses to provide possible abortion causing drugs in employee health plans.  Read more

Andrew Beckwith Web

CitizenLink is proud to work with the Massachusetts Family Institute and other family policy organizations across the country to stand for marriage, life and religious freedom. Learn more about the one in your stateRead more

Brad Miller Web

CitizenLink, along with our network of associated family policy councils is working to bring a clear knowledge of the candidates in 8 states as the November mid-term election draws near.  Read more

Brett Web

Do the public school students in your life know what their rights are? In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard and some friends share a helpful list of some rights that Christian young people can enjoy.  Read more

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