Friday 5

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David and Nancy Writebol are missionaries to Liberia with Sudan Interior Mission (SIM), where Nancy works as a nurse. She recently contracted Ebola along with Dr. Kent Brantly, a doctor serving there. Both are back in the U.S. receiving treatment. Nancy’s husband, David, is still in Liberia and spoke recently with representatives of SIM.  Read more


During his tenure in Congress, former Sen. Jim DeMint got an up close and personal look at the ways in which big government harms America.  Read more


(Caution: Mature content. Not appropriate for children.)  Read more


Friday 5: Al Riskowski

March 21, 2014

Last year, two prominent family groups in Nebraska merged to form one organization: Nebraska Family Alliance (NFA). And this past fall, NFA joined CitizenLink’s association of family policy councils (FPC). We are proud to work with this notable group.  Read more


Modern-day slavery: It’s as underground as underground gets, says Laurel Bellows, a long-time business attorney from Chicago. So in 2012 — at the beginning of her one-year term as president of the American Bar Association (ABA) — she formed the ABA Task Force on Human Trafficking.  Read more


Friday 5: Dale Bartscher

February 28, 2014

South Dakota: the nation’s best kept secret. That’s what Dale Bartscher says. As president of the Family Heritage Alliance (FHA) in Rapid City, Bartscher is looking forward to continuing the fight for life, marriage and religious freedom.  Read more


It’s a family-friendly film underscoring the complexities of parenting and the trials of being young and being blessed with big dreams.  Read more

Friday Five: Glenn T. Stanton

It’s not really a ball-and-chain relationship. God’s design for marriage, in fact, is a joy, says Glenn Stanton, director for Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family. “But it is also hard work. This is one of its strengths,” he writes in his most recent book, “The Ring Makes all the Difference.”  Read more


Raising children isn’t easy — and raising them to value and honor marriage is most definitely no simple task. As part of its efforts to help parents create a solid foundation — where children can grow and learn about God’s design for the institution — Focus on the Family has created “Teach Your Children About Marriage.”  Read more