Friday 5


When Kathy DiFiore escaped from an abusive marriage, she had the clothes on her back, her purse — and God. “He was always beside me,” she says. Kathy was homeless for a while. After things eventually turned around, she wanted to help others. So, she started a ministry. Through Several Sources Shelters, she provides shelter and resources for those in need. Many of them are women and girls, pregnant — with nowhere else to go.  Read more


Friday 5: Jim Minnery

November 15, 2013

CitizenLink is proud to announce the latest addition to our network of family policy councils. Located in Anchorage, the Alaska Family Council (AFC) is a notable advocate for life, marriage and religious freedom. The state, in fact, was the first in the country to amend its Constitution to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.  Read more


Friday 5: Daniel Weiss

November 8, 2013

Change comes from “setting brushfires of freedom” in people’s minds, according to Founding Father Samuel Adams. It was this idea, among others, that helped inspire Daniel Weiss to choose the name for his nonprofit ministry.  Read more


Texas Pastor Rafael Cruz wasn’t at all surprised when his son stood for more than 21 hours straight last month urging federal lawmakers to defund Obamacare. He’s a man of principle, and it’s his nature, the elder Cruz said.  Read more


Friday 5: Stephen C. Meyer

September 27, 2013

In his previous book on intelligent design, Stephen C. Meyer, Ph.D, explored the mystery of the origin of life. In his most recent book, the Cambridge University-trained philosopher of science digs even deeper.  Read more


Earlier this year, a Hispanic community in South Dakota invited ministries across the country to a conference dedicated to approaching issues with a biblical worldview. CitizenLink is among the groups participating.  Read more


As children ease back into the rhythm of school, former teacher Eric Buehrer offers some tips to help parents enjoy a positive, encouraging beginning that can last the entire year. Some of these ideas include being an encouragement to teachers, as well as teaching children discernment.  Read more


As ObamaCare moves forward, businesses and individuals are asking hard questions about how their rights will be affected under the new law. Take the right to privacy, for example. There are only 24 days until the launch of the federal health care exchanges. Chris Jacobs, senior policy analyst with The Heritage Foundation, talks about the administration’s implementation of the law and its impact on Americans.  Read more


A Department of Justice (DOJ) group called DOJ Pride recently sent out a directive requiring employees to vocally affirm homosexuality: “DON’T judge or remain silent,” it says. “Silence will be interpreted as disapproval.”  Read more