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August 1, 2015

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Pray for CitizenLink

March 9, 2015

Please join CitizenLink with these crucial prayers:

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Connection Newsletter

March 3, 2015

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Pro-Life Resources

January 29, 2015

We’ve collected our recent content on the life issue into this one helpful page for you. Here, you’ll find articles, videos and radio programs that show how the pro-life movement has been gaining momentum. Those successes are an energizing force for the future.  Read more

Year End Web2

The 2014 mid-term elections were a big win for family values — and you played an important part! Thanks to your partnership with CitizenLink, we were able to make thousands of phone calls, get important information into the hands of voters before they went to the polls and encourage like-minded people to make a difference. And they did!  Read more

Vote Web

This is a collection of voter guides and other sources of information for more than 30 states.  Read more

CitizenLink is proud to work with Massachusetts Family Instituteand other family policy organizations across the country to stand for marriage, life and religious freedom. Learn more about the one in your state.   Read more


A Presbyterian denomination has voted to redefine God’s design for marriage. Some experts say this will cause even more people to leave the already-diminishing group.  Read more

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