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Member Update: Are Conservatives Running Out of Gas? – January 2011
The date was August 31, 1944.

Gen. George S. Patton’s Third Army was racing through northeastern France—hot on the heels of a decimated and overwhelmed German army. Only a few more days, and they would cross the Rhine into Germany itself.

But suddenly, the Americans came to a screeching halt.

2010 Impact Report

Kagan’s Confirmation Hearing – June 2010
This is my first update to you under our new name — CitizenLink® — and it could hardly have come at a more momentous time.

Very soon, the United States Senate will be voting on the nomination of Elena Kagan, President Obama’s latest choice for the U.S. Supreme Court. And even by the Obama Administration’s standards, this pick is breathtaking.

Packing the Court with Activist Judges – May 2010
Round Two has begun. And you and I can’t afford to sit this one out!

Last year, President Obama filled his first vacancy to the U.S. Supreme Court with Sonia Sotomayor, who has since voted in lockstep with the Court’s liberal wing.

Miracles at the State Level – March 2010
Incredible things are happening right now, but there’s an untold story that is most amazing of all. And I know you’ll want to take a few moments to read what’s next—because this is your story!

It’s Time to Reverse Course – January 2010
God has blessed you and me with a golden opportunity. But we only get one crack at it.

I’m talking about the incredible, momentous opportunity that you and I have to roll back the disastrous ideology that has overwhelmed our federal government for the last year.

Fighting the Good Fight – December 2009
It’s one of my favorite Christmas movie scenes— George Bailey running through the snow, desperate to make sense of the town and people he thought he knew … before everything turned upside down.