Allied State Groups

California Family Council Alaska Family Action Colorado Family Institute There is currently no state group in Wyoming. There is currently no state group in Oregon. There is currently no state group in Nevada. Hawaii Family Forum There is currently no state group in Utah. Center for Arizona Policy Action There is currently no state group in New Mexico. Liberty Institute Family Policy Institute of Washington Cornerstone Family Council Montana Family Foundation North Dakota Family Alliance Family First Kansas Family Policy Council There is currently no state group in Oklahoma. Louisiana Family Forum Family Council Missouri Family Policy Council Iowa Family Policy Center Minnesota Family Council & Institute Wisconsin Family Council, Inc. There is currently no state group in Illinois. Michigan Family Forum Indiana Family Institute The Family Foundation Family Action Council of Tennessee There is currently no state group in Mississippi. Alabama Policy Institute Florida Family Policy Council There is currently no state group in Georgia Palmetto Family Council North Carolina Family Policy Council The Family Foundation The Family Policy Council of West Virginia Citizens For Community Values Pennsylvania Family Institute Washington, D.C. There is currently no state group in Maryland. There is currently no state group in Maryland. Delaware Family Policy Council There is currently no state group in Deleware. New Yorkers Family Research Foundation There is currently no state group in Vermont. Family Institute of Connecticut Family Institute of Connecticut There is currently no state group in Rhode Island. There is currently no state group in Rhode Island. New Jersey Family Policy Council New Jersey Family Policy Council Massachusetts Family Institute Cornerstone Action Christian Civic League of Maine There is currently no state group in Vermont.

Since 1988, business and community leaders from across the nation have formed state-level organizations to invest in the future of America’s families. The alliance conducts policy analysis, promotes responsible and informed citizenship, facilitates strategic leadership involvement, and influences public opinion. Many also perform community and statewide work to foster a movement to affirm families.

Generally known as family policy councils, each is an independent entity with no corporate or financial relationship to each other or to CitizenLink. However, they have a uniform purpose: serving as a voice for the family and assisting advocates for family ideals who aim to recapture the moral and intellectual high ground in the public arena.

To find contact information in your state, click the map below. To view the entire list, simply scroll down the page.


Alabama Policy Institute
Caleb Crosby, Executive Director
402 Office Park Dr., Ste. 300
Birmingham, AL 35223
Phone: 205-870-9900
Fax: 205-870-4407
Email: calebc@alabamapolicy.org
Website: AlabamaPolicy.org
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Alaska Family Action
Jim Minnery, President
PO Box 231425
Anchorage, AK 99523
Phone: 907-317-7268
Email: jim@akfamily.org
Website: akfamily.org
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Center for Arizona Policy
Cathi Herrod, President
PO Box 97250
Phoenix, AZ 85060-7250
Phone: 602-424-2525 or 1-800-FAMILY-1
Fax: 602-424-2530
Email: info@azpolicy.org
Website: AZPolicy.org
Video Interview: Cathi Herrod
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Family Council
Jerry Cox, President
414 S. Pulaski, Ste. 2
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-375-7000
Fax: 501-375-7040
Email: info@familycouncil.org
Website: FamilyCouncil.org
Video Interview: Jerry Cox
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California Family Council
Jonathan Keller, Executive Director
PO Box 20012
Riverside, CA 92516
Phone: 951-742-7100
Fax: 951-353-8347
Email: JonathanK@californiafamily.org
Website: CaliforniaFamily.org
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CFA Foundation (CFAF)
Debbie Chaves, President
PO Box 558
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Phone: 877-239-7355
Email: info@cofamily.org
Website: coloradoaction.org
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Family Institute of Connecticut
Peter Wolfgang, Executive Director
PO Box 260210
Hartford, CT 06126
Phone: 860-548-0066
Fax: 860-548-9545
Email: info@ctfamily.org
Website: CTFamily.org
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Delaware Family Policy Council
Nicole Theis, President
P.O. Box 925
Seaford, De 19973
Email: Info@delawarefamilies.org
Website: DelawareFamilies.org
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Florida Family Policy Council
John Stemberger, President & General Counsel
4853 S. Orange Ave, Ste. C
Orlando, FL 32806
Phone: 407-251-5130
Fax: 407-251-0023
Email: Info@FLFamily.org
Website: floridafamilyaction.org
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Hawaii Family Forum
Eva Andrade, Executive Director
6301 Pali Highway
Kaneohe, HI 96744-5224
Phone: 808-203-6704
Fax: 808-261-7022
Email: info@hawaiifamilyforum.org
Website: HawaiiFamilyForum.org
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Cornerstone Family Council
Julie Lynde, Executive Director
PO Box 563
Eagle, ID 83616
Phone: 208-939-6622
Email: info@cfcidaho.org
Website: CFCIdaho.org
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Indiana Family Institute
Curt Smith, President
3600 W. 96th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: 317-423-9178
Fax: 317-423-9421
Email: ifi@hoosierfamily.org
Website: HoosierFamily.org
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The FAMiLY Leader
Bob Vander Plaats, President
10506 Justin Dr.
Urbandale, IA 50322
Phone: 515-263-3495
Fax: 515-263-3498
Email: info@ifpc.org
Website: TheFamilyLeader.com
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Family Policy Alliance of Kansas
Steve Brunk, Executive Director
4021 SW 10th St. Ste. 311
Topeka, KS 66604
Phone: 316-993-3900
Email: Kansas@FamilyPolicyAlliance.com
Website: FamilyPolicyAlliance.com/Kansas
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The Family Foundation
Kent Ostrander, Executive Director
PO Box 911111
Lexington, KY 40591
Phone: 859-255-5400
Fax: 859-233-3330
Email: tffky@mis.net
Website: kentuckyfamily.org
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Louisiana Family Forum
Gene Mills, Executive Director
655 Saint Ferdinand St.
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Phone: 225-344-8533 or 1-800-606-6470
Fax: 225-344-9006
Email: info@lafamilyforum.org
Website: LAFamilyForum.org
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Christian Civic League of Maine
Carroll Conley, Executive Director
PO Box 5459
Augusta, ME 04332-5459
Phone: 207-622-7634
Fax: 207-621-0035
Email: cconley@cclmaine.org
Website: CCLMaine.org
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Massachusetts Family Institute
Andrew Beckwith, President
100 Sylvan Rd., Ste. 625
Woburn, MA 01801
Phone: 781-569-0400
Fax: 781-569-0472
Email: andrew@mafamily.org
Website: mafamily.org
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Michigan Family Forum
Brad Snavely, Executive Director
PO Box 15216
Lansing, MI 48901-5216
Phone: 517-374-1171
Fax: 517-374-6112
Email: info@michiganfamily.org
Website: MichiganFamily.org
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Minnesota Family Council & Institute
John Helmberger, CEO
2855 Anthony Lane S., Ste. 150
Minneapolis, MN 55418-3265
Phone: 612-789-8811
Fax: 612-789-8858
Email: john@mfc.org
Website: MFC.org
Video Interview: John Helmberger
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Missouri Family Policy Council
Joe Ortwerth, Executive Director
1430 Triad Center Dr., Ste. B
St. Peters, MO 63376
Phone: 636-922-7771
Email: info-plus@missourifamily.org
Website: MissouriFamily.org
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Montana Family Foundation
Jeff Laszloffy, President
PO Box 485
Laurel, MT 59044
Phone: 406-628-1141
Fax: 406-628-1171
Email: jeff@montanafamily.org
Website: MontanaFamily.org
Video Interview: Jeff Laszloffy
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Nebraska Family Alliance
Al Riskowski, Executive Director
1106 E Street
Lincoln, Nebraska  68508
Phone: 402-477-3191 or 1-888-777-5188
Email: al@nebraskafamilyalliance.org
Website: nebraskafamilyalliance.org
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New Hampshire
Cornerstone Action
Bryan McCormack, Executive Director
PO Box 4683
Manchester, NH 03108
Phone: 603-228-4794
Email: cornerstone@nhcornerstone.org
Website: cornerstoneaction.org
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New Jersey
New Jersey Family Policy Council
Len Deo, President & Executive Director
51 Mount Bethel Road-Suite 203
Warren, NJ 07059
Phone: 908-561-2015
Fax: 888-453-6346
Email: ldeo@njfpc.org
Website: NJFPC.org
Video Interview: Len Deo
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New York
New Yorkers Family Research Foundation
Jason McGuire, President
PO Box 131
Spencerport, NY 14559-0131
Phone: 585-225-2220
Fax: 585-225-2810
Email: info@newyorkfamilies.org
Website: NewYorkFamilies.org
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North Carolina
North Carolina Family Policy Council
John Rustin, President
PO Box 20607
Raleigh, NC 28419
Phone: 919-807-0800
Fax: 919-807-0900
Email: admin@ncfamily.org
Website: NCFamily.org
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North Dakota
North Dakota Family Alliance
Tom Freier, Executive Director
3220 18th Street South, Ste. 8
Fargo, ND 58104
Phone: 701-364-0676
Email: admin@ndfa.org
Website: NDFA.org
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Citizens For Community Values
Phil Burress, President
11175 Reading Rd., First Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45241-1997
Phone: 513-733-5775
Fax: 513-733-5794
Email: info@ccv.org
Website: CCV.org
Video Interview: Phil Burress
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Pennsylvania Family Institute
Michael Geer, President
23 N. Front St.
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Phone: 717-545-0600
Fax: 717-545-8107
Email: mail@pafamily.org
Website: PAFamily.org
Video Interview: Michael Geer
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South Carolina
Palmetto Family Council
Dr. Oran P. Smith, President & CEO
PO Box 11953
Columbia, SC 29211-1953
Phone: 803-733-5600
Fax: 866-471-5032
Email: email@palmettofamily.org
Website: PalmettoFamily.org
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South Dakota
Family Heritage Alliance
Dale Bartscher, Executive Director
P.O. Box 329
Rapid City, SD 57709
Phone: 605-718-5433
Email: dale@familyheritagealliance.org
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Family Action Council of Tennessee
David Fowler, Executive Director
357 Riverside Dr.
Franklin, TN 37064
Phone: 615-591-2090
Fax: 615-465-8027
Email: info@factn.org
Website: FACTN.org
Video Interview: David Fowler
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Texas Values
Jonathan Saenz, President
900 Congress, Ste. 220
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: 512-478-2220
Email: info@txvalues.org
Website: txvalues.org
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The Family Foundation
Victoria Cobb, President
919 E. Main St., Ste. 1110
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804-343-0010
Fax: 804-343-0050
Email: vafamily@familyfoundation.org
Website: FamilyFoundation.org
Video Interview: Victoria Cobb
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Family Policy Institute of Washington
Joseph Backholm, Executive Director
16108 Ash Way, Ste. 113
Lynnwood, WA 98087
Phone: 425-608-0242
Fax: 425-608-7216
Email: jbackholm@fpiw.org
Website: FPIW.org
Video Interview: Joseph Backholm
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West Virginia
The Family Policy Council of West Virginia
Allen Whitt, Executive Director
PO Box 566
Charleston, WV 25322
Phone: 304-756-8567
Fax: 304-915-0815
Email: awhitt@familypolicyWV.com
Website: FamilyPolicyWV.com
Video Interview: Allen Whitt
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Wisconsin Family Council, Inc.
Julaine Appling, President
PO Box 7486
Madison, WI 53707
Phone: 608-256-3228
Fax: 608-256-3370
Email: info@wifamilycouncil.org
Website: WIFamilyAction.org
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